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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
I would like you to actually imagine this for a moment.

Pretend that both HF and the Hockey News (which is created by consensus of professional nhl scouts) both ranked the leafs as top 3 in the league for prospects.
BOTH of them.

You with me?

Now imagine that myself and Hockeyfans and others (people who have barely watched the other prospects) came in here and started claiming that "we know better" than all those scouts and people that have actually watched all those other prospects play.
Seriously... just try and imagine what you would think of us.

You would think that we sound pretty damn stupid, right?

Now, turn that all around, and think about what the rational leaf fans think about you right now. It's going to be pretty similar to the fantastical situation I created above.

I would hope that insights into your personal character flaws will create self reflection so that you can outgrow such immature tendencies... that's actually what I hope...
but it's far more likely that you'll just respond by saying something like "our goalies are better than Detroits (even though I've never seen or heard of Detroits goalies) so that proves that everything HF ever wrote is incorrect."

All I can really do is try and help people like you... but... at the end of the day, some people just have a tremendously difficult time with objectivity.

Also, I just looked at hf prospect rankings and they give Reilly an 8.5, and Smith an 8.0
But because Smith is older with more experience, he was given a B prob. of success, compared to 18 year old Reilly with a C.
Makes perfect sense to me...
Seems to me you are reaching to find an excuse as to why the LEafs prospects should be rated so low, while inferior teams are rated higher..

Remember tonight next time when you accuse me of the same, like you have in the past.

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