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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
Seems to me you are reaching to find an excuse as to why the LEafs prospects should be rated so low, while inferior teams are rated higher..

Remember tonight next time when you accuse me of the same, like you have in the past.
Who to believe?

Charliolemieux on the internet, who "likes" the leafs, has seen some of their prospects play a 'couple' of times, and has probably never seen the vast majority of all other prospects in the league...

Or the HF staff and professional nhl scouts that create the Hockey News rankings who both rank the leafs as utterly mediocre?
Who to believe?

Seroius self reflection moment...
who is more likely being "stubborn" in their opinion?
The person who has HF and the professional scouts at the hockey news on his side?
Or the person that "likes" the leafs, and thus insists that their prospects are great, without having seen any of the other teams prospects.

Who's more likely being stubborn in their opinion?

Chlarioulemioux is being humiliated here and I'm actually starting to feel a little bad for him.
Listen man, why don't you just sleep on it and continue tomorrow?
To be fair, I was probably closed minded and stubborn about the things I "liked" when I was a teenager as well. So i kind of feel a little bad for being so hard on you.

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