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12-11-2012, 04:59 AM
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Larry Brooks proposal

Here’s the way it could be done without costing the owners so much as a cent outside of the 50/50 system:

Players bought out under this program before this season at either one-third or two-thirds depending upon their age could be re-signed only for the difference between the buyout amount and the full contract. The entire amount would count against the players’ collective share but the buyout team would not be charged a cap hit.

When a major league baseball player is picked up after being released, the new team pays only the league minimum while the original team is on the hook for the remainder of the contract. This would be similar in concept.

It would be a win-win. Players would be whole. The owners would collectively pay only what has already been committed. Some teams would add players at a bargain rate. And those teams caught in the transition vise would have at least a chance to comply without unwarranted suffering.

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