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12-11-2012, 06:02 AM
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Originally Posted by chilly34 View Post
So I made a offer to someone... I offered him

Peyton Manning (I know it Manning, but the guy has thrown 7 interception in 6 games now, plus he hasnt gone over 20 points in a while)
Trent Richardson (He has done wonders for me, has gotten over 10 points like 6 games in a row, but he has a tough schedule with skins, denver and pitts having good run defenses)
Hakeem Nicks (been on my bench for a while, dont necessarily need him)
San Fran (great defense in real life, not so good in fantasy)


Cam Newton
Ben Jarvis Green Elis
Lance Moore
Chicago Bears

what do you guys think?
I don't think you should do it. Other than a fantasy upgrade at QB (and even that's kind of a stretch), there's not a lot that I see that would excite me. I think T-Rich and BJGE cancel each other out, Nicks is better than Moore (who is hit or miss) and the Bears D, while still the No. 1 defense in fantasy points-wise (at least for my leagues), has been slipping as of late.

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