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12-11-2012, 06:40 AM
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Originally Posted by NeoCanuck View Post
I know this is looking in the future, but it's a potential issue I'm seeing come up in the future FA periods.

Seeing that some human and some CPU teams this last FA period almost hoarded certain positional players, and now some of those players (Example: Steve Mason) are being traded for a profit, what would stop certain teams with cap space to offer heavy contracts to players during free agency, then trade them off in the season for almost no penalty. Of course the NHL could do this, but I think it's abusing the game a bit, as it doesn't effect whether or not free agents sign with you, even if you trade players a few weeks after signing them.

Could be perhaps have an honor system, or at least a way that if you offer a contract to a player and he signs, he cannot be traded for a season or so?
I've also thought about this

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