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Originally Posted by Barnaby View Post
Interesting stat: Jakub Petruzalek is currently 4th overall in KHL scoring - 1 point behind Evgeni Malkin. Tomas Zaborsky is currently 13th overall.

It goes to show that these guys really did have ability when they were drafted - they just didn't pan out for whatever reason (most likely size/strength). It also shows the differences in these leagues when you see these smaller offensive guys light it up, and a guy like Evander Kane never quite puts it together.

I doubt it ever happens, but I'd love to see the champions from the NHL/KHL face off in a 5-7 game series a few weeks after the season ends. Liability/lack of player interest probably means that we'll never see it though...
Good point.

One disclaimer though, scoring and stats from these European leagues right now are all over the place and really hard to read into. Anze Kopitar is 8th in scoring in the Swedish 2nd tier league, with 29 pts in 27 games. I've seen several games with him, and he is playing great hockey down there and while its hard to speculate on if he is giving 75% or 100%, he is finnishing checks and what not and putting on a show on a night by night basis, but he still only got 27 pts in 25 games. His team isn't the best. Many teams target him. Many games are low scoring. And what not. My point is just, it would be absurd making any parallell between the guy scoring 35 pts in 30 games in the same league and that players NHL readiness and Kopitars output. The players in the Swedish 2nd tier league are more or less at least not good top 2 unit players even in the SEL. And Kopitar is one of the best in the world.

The KHL has expanded alot lately and my impression is that the level of play somewhat has dropped off. But nobody is still putting up great numbers. A player who is hot and finds himself in a scoring position on a team that scores many goals will be high in the scoring race, while players who aren't in that position will score much less even if their names are Malkin or Ovechkin.

There are some Swedes scoring alot in the KHL who definitely aren't that good, and I've seen some of Petru and Zabrosky and neither is that good. Petru is nifty with the puck and Zabrosky is shotting the puck and moving on the ice. In diffrent environments these players all of a sudden score <0.5 PPG in the KHL.

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