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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
No, it's more like no one cares if Canada doesn't view it as an important event, so it's really too bad for Canadians. I just think it's very ignorant.
No, apparently it matters to you.

Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
And as far as a tryout goes, they've gotten their ***** kicked 3 years in a row for that policy, so obviously it's not just bad luck.

If it gets the younger players some experience before the Olympics, then it's worth it.

Originally Posted by Corto
To be fair, both USA and Canada have completely failed in pretty much all competitions outside of North America.

Nagano and Turin were the last two examples.

On the other hand, Canada was both Olympics best-on-best in NA...

So, whatever. Home ice matters, I guess.
Well, at least the tournament moves around.

If history repeats, then you'll see the US and Canada struggle at Sochi (even if the NHLers do make it).

However, to say they "completely failed" at Nagano is a bit strong. Canada lost in a SO in the semi-finals against one of the greatest goalies of all-time after a lackluster opening round.

Not all that different from Vancouver, in terms of the early stages of the tourney, where they were beaten pretty decisively by the US, or in SLC, where they got smoked by Sweden.

In the end, it's the final outcome that matters, and Gold is the only colour that counts, so you're right.

But Canada has started every Olympics tournament slowly.

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