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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I guess we have to disagree here. I don't care for giving them credit for playing in Switzerland. This isn't the NHL and it doesn't feature the best players in the world. It is a moot point. I have seen a million threads on Gretzky and I'll bet many people don't even remember him playing overseas during the 1994 lockout. Even the players playing overseas now, not only are they scabs for taking someone else's job, but their heart cannot possibly be in it 100% since they are basically over there for one reason and that is to stay in game shape. The second a CBA is signed they are splitting. So to me, it is a "nothing" season. Good for Thornton that he has been succesful over there, but try doing it with the true elite talent.

I guess my knock with rewarding players for lost time with the lockout is that for starters the players are 50% to blame for their own mess and secondly a true HHOFer has the career in spite of the lockout. When you start nickel and diming what a player "might" have done had their been hockey then you're giving them charity for something they never accomplished.
2 things here,

1) How are the players 50% at fault for either lockout?

Especially this current one? Unless you think players should just hand in a signed blank contract and let the owners fill in the details your assertion is absurd.

2) there are quite a few cases where current HHOF players might not be in if they miss 2 of their potential top seasons or prime or even just counting stats.

The cream of the crop or "1st ballot HHOFamer" (a really lousy rip off from baseball and not even applicable to hockey) get in reguardelss but most HHOF inductees are in for a full body of work.

The current group affected by the lockout will need to get some consideration, no doubt like WW2 guys did.

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