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12-11-2012, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Neely2005 View Post
So the 360 & PS3 will continue to sell but the Wii & Wii Mini won't?

And when it comes to the 360 the numbers are skewed because a lot of people bought new ones due to the high failure rate.

As to the power of the Wii U just remember that the most powerful console is rarely (if ever) the best selling. Almost every Generation has been 'won' by the weaker console.
The Wii was already on the downturn sales wise late last year/early this year, and it is slowing down (although the Wii did outsell the Wii U last month) even more now. It will continue to sell, but with the other two coming out late 2013 at the earliest, late 2014 at the latest, they'll still sell big next year as well.

I think console horsepower has nothing to do with who wins a generation, however with that said, Nintendo has been alienating their core more and more over the past few years, and Sony particularly, has been embracing that core audience. Microsoft is after them on the casual side, and the Wii U tech is not really something that can't be replicated with a 720 + Smart Glass or a Ps4 + Vita remote play, and having a niche was why the Wii sold so well. I don't think there is any way for the Wii U to sell 100 million unless Nintendo embraces the people that have stuck with them since the start..and they don't seem to be doing that.

With tablets gobbling up the casual market more and more, and Microsoft interjecting themselves into that market as well, Sony focusing on the hardcore the best they can..Nintendo has to fall back on the strength of their relationships with third party developers (which is not great, and has never been great since the Super Nintendo in the console realm) and their first party games.

So, I think the Wii U will be another Gamecube or N64, good but not great sales...and I really hope Nintendo has the games like those two systems did to make it something I truly want. I don't think for a second they will pull a Dreamcast or anything, but they have definitely lost a step in my opinion.

Also: Nintendo has sucked at marketing the Wii U and it's games globally..nevermind the eshop problems in Europe, the 1-5gig first day patch debacle..they are stuttering through online problems that Sony and Microsoft figured out ~5 years ago, and are now playing catch up..I hope they manage to actually get caught up.

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