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12-11-2012, 08:21 AM
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I LOVED having long hair. A shot of me with flow is my Twitter default these days (not my Rangers blog one I have advertised over my avy, but my personal Twitter account... do some digging if you're curious ).

The one thing I found with long hair, versus what I have been rocking since (3 on the sides and back, cut as short as possible on top... probably around an 8 but not buzzed), is that strangers expect you to be much more friendly. When I had long hair if I was walking around a shopping center or something I could tell that nobody had any trouble approaching me to ask for directions or help. These days, with the short hair, I'm back to being just another face in the crowd and nobody looks my way twice.

It was such an odd experience. At first I chalked it up to just random chance, but when it kept happening with my long hair I knew it was something else. I had a ton of fun growing it out my freshman year of college. Didn't get it cut from August 08 to July 09. Benefits of living in Buffalo though, when it gets to that awkward length it was easy enough to cover up with a snow hat

If you do decide to dig and look at my flow, that was from sophomore year. I only grew that for about 8 months (right after I got it cut in the first place, buzzed down to a 3 in July 09)

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