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12-11-2012, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Yashintangibles View Post
And to the people claiming he was surrounded by a great defensive support:

Grabovski with Kulemin: Corsi For +0.525%
Grabovski w/out Kulemin: Corsi For +0.558%
Kulemin w/out Grabovski: Corsi for -0.470%

Grabovski with Phaneuf: Corsi For +0.525%
Grabovski w/out Phaneuf: Corsi For +0.546%
Phaneuf w/out Grabovski: Corsi For -0.486%
Quoting Corsi stats is hardly proof of anything. It's a highly debatable often unreliable stat. Don't even want to bother posting how many good, great players did not fare well in corsi.

What we do know, is Nik Kulemin is an excellent defensive winger, we do know prior to his injury last year Grabovoski was +7, once Kulemin got hurt, Grabovoski went the rest of the season -7. As a person that saw all Leafs games last season, I can assure you he was much less effective when Kulemin went down.

Again to quote one of the posters here, if he was the shutdown Center of the Leafs last year, what does it say that the Leafs were the second worst defensive team in the NHL last year. I don't know how a team can have an effective shut down line with the 29th worst GA in the league.

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