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12-11-2012, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by langcam View Post
Beer league goons. Seriously, how pathetic..
Amazing, how much this comes up. I knew this goon fromt he first time we played their team. Leveled a guy who played defense...maybe 2 times this season into the boards.(both me and defense guy on our team are first years).

Anyway, we're up by 5 goals or so, and just kind of passing the puck back and forth to run the clock, and I was playing low...not "in front" of the goal, but generally just skating around to get open. I got elbowed once, probably the hardest I have ever been hit in the head, ever. Then, cross checked in the back not, once, but twice.

Like ****...I understand being frustrated when loosing...hell, my team started the season 0-6...including when they beat us the first time 8-3. These guys are just *******s and have been known to try and knock people down.

So...instead of retaliating to the hit, he got a penalty, and on the last shift of the night I just sat behind their net and and kept dishing to center.

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