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Originally Posted by Bardof425 View Post
Pointing out the holes in your argument is not childish It is if you simply mock without any data to support.

"Here are the third highest scoring players on the team who are listed as centers. This is the dumbest thing you've offered by a wide margin. That is not what I did. I looked for the third line center on every team. Some teams, I knew who it was, others I was able to figure it out pretty easily based on the roster and what I recall from watching the team play and for others I took the those listed as center and tried to slot them to determine who would center the third line.

My point is that if you take the list you get a sense of what third line centers in this league are like and our guy is low on that list. He's a 4th line center; that's what I'm saying. Not that tricky. What's a shame is that I took the time to try and fortify the argument by pulling his peers and all it led to was mocking by those who haven't attempted the same effort themselves. All they offer is their opinion and silly stats about where faceoffs take place.

I could argue that Boyle takes a lot of draws in his own end because he cannot control the puck which leads to the opponent being on attack for the majority of each of his shifts which leads to a SOG and a defensive draw. As I said a silly stat that leads to more conjecture.
Sorry, but using advanced statistics is far more meaningful than what you did. Jordan Staal was a 3rd line center by circumstance. Matt Duchene was injured and missed a large chunk of the season, but was the #1 guy the year before. Several of the players are young kids who are getting 3rd line time early in their development, or have simply failed to reach their ceiling as top-six forwards. Several others don't even play center and are simply listed on as one. Some are players who have regressed to a bottom-six role in their old age.

Boyle takes a lot of draws in his own end because the coach puts him on the ice in key defensive situations. However, once you say something like "it's a silly stat" after coming to the table with your list of "3rd line centers" it's very hard to take you seriously.

Boyle is a very good defensive center that spends the majority of his time shutting down the oppositions top line. He's put up respectable numbers for a guy who gets zero PP time and played almost exclusively with Brandon "Hands are for fighting not scoring" Prust and a series of others who are almost equally lousy in the offensive zone.

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