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Originally Posted by t0psh3lfclu7ch View Post
-paajarvi has been coached about as poorly as is possible thus far..
the oilers have had the poorest coaches in the league for about 3 season running now..
-paajarvi has had some of the poorest linemates as have been possible in the league thus far in his entire career.. the oilers have had the worst producing team in the league for as far as my short term memory can recall...
-paajarvi has been under-developed physically since his time in the NHL, and has been pushed around and knocked off the puck repeatedly, thereby forcing him to change his game and lose his confidence...

once these 3 things are changed then he will become a decent 2nd line/special teams guy...
The good old blame it on everything else other than the actual main issue.

I don't understand how one can say he was under-developed physically since his time in the NHL yet there was no issue with this in his rookie year.

Not writing the guy off, but he's the one that has to step up. He's 200lbs now and playing against weaker competition than last year. He needs to find a way to be more effective. Maybe it's because of ice-time I don't know.

I do know that it's all on Magnus not everything around him.

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