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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Owners assume a financial risk for sure. There's little doubt about that.

Players though definitely assume a financial risk when becoming a player. No they don't foot the bill for expenses but you can't tell me that there's no risk in foregoing school to pursue their dream. Most of these guys never make it and it's damn near impossible just to become a 4th liner. Absolutely there's a financial risk there, it's just a different kind of risk that's all.

A big reason that players take that risk is because of the pay. It's because they want a career playing hockey and the fans aren't coming to watch Ted Leonsis go one on one with Geoff Molson. They are the talent and should be paid handsomely for what they bring in.

It's just a different kind of risk. Certainly it's a financial risk though. These guys are betting their future on it and most of the time it doesn't pay off. Those that do make it deserve to be rewarded for it because they're the guys the fans pay to see.

Bottom line: There's a big pie and there should be enough to go around. The way they're all fiddling over the details is a joke in my opinion.
That's something I've seen in the lockout thread and that's a flawed argument, most junior player in Canada are studying while playing. A good exemple is the Quebec city Remparts IIRC that ask their players to actually go to school to play with the team. Yes, maybe they take less courses in cegeps, but I mean who doesn't know someone that took 3 years to complete is cegep and from what I saw that doesn't change anything in their career. If after your junior career you see you don't have any potential to reach the NHL (which a good majority of the players does) well they just start focussing on something else and they are 21, that's doesn't prevent them to anything. Then if someone continue and reach the AHL they will be paid 100 000 playing the sport they love, the ''risk'' already paid out, samething with europeans leagues.

Louis Leblanc took courses at McGill while playing in junior, there is also the NCAA way for anyone that want to study.

I can't tell for the european system thought, I don't know exactly how all work there.

I will never see doing a sport you like as a risk anyway, even if you wish to make a career in it. It's a passion and a pastime. Yes it ask for sacrifice, but there is no passion that isn't. Some play guitar 2 hours each days and in a band on the weekend an wish to make a career out of it, that would be a risk too ? no that's a passion, a pastime. Does the producers should give money to everybody that fails in their music carreer for their ''risk''?

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