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12-11-2012, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
But when it comes to cross grinding or not cross grinding, the benefits cross grinding provides exceed the negatives.
You keep talking about the benefits of cross grinding, when in reality there is absolutely ZERO benefit to cross grinding every skate unless there are problems that need to be dealt with. Even with badly damaged edges, you can sharpen them without cross grinding, it just takes longer.

We have maybe, one in 30 or 40 skates that actually need a cross grinding (apart from new skates/steel). Only when they're badly damaged with nicks or rust will we cross grind.

There is no benefit to cross grinding a skate. You can do witness marks without cross grinding (though it is easier to see them when cross ground) and many do not even do witness marks as you can judge by the sparks what adjustment is needed.

Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
Again this is something you'd like to believe and have all your employees do... this changes pretty drastically when you have 100 sharpens that need to get done in limited time. You can accomplish quality sharpens for all of those in a very efficient time frame simple by cross grinding it.
Where are you working that you're doing 100 sharpenings in such a "limited time?"

Look, we're obviously not going to change your mind since you work in the largest hockey area in the world and obviously know better than anyone else, however, you dont even want to think about the idea you could be wrong when you're the only one on here stating what you're stating and there are a bunch of other knowledgeable people here stating otherwise? Even when I "know" I'm right, when I start to face 3 or 4 others saying I'm not, I will start to consider the possibility I might be wrong.

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