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12-11-2012, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Lebowski View Post
Duh... The knife has already been nerfed enough as it is. It is 10 times harder to connect with the knife in BOII than it was in BO. Kind of makes it useless, to be honest.

I won't complain tough. It had to be nerfed in a way or another. Overall, I'm fine with the changes they've brought.
Knife was at it's worst in MW2. Especially pre-carepackage run nerf. Commando was th dumbest idea after danger close for a perk....

I'm alright with the knife being useless. I play with the tactical layout anyways, so panic knifing was never really in my repitoire in regards to close range battles.

Though, seriously, why don't AGR's die from my stinger? Also, I managed to get a stinger kill in the final kill cam in MW2. Locked onto a harrier, thing flies behind a building as i shoot, missle hits the building and blows up a guy camping on the railing.

I had alot of wtf's after that one.

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