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12-11-2012, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
It is not cooking books on education, it is cooking the books at the overall provincial budget.
I am really wondering if you know what cooking the books means. How on earth is reducing expenditures 'cooking the books?'

Cooking the books means that the budget they present to the public is fraudulent.

Yes for raising fees.

No for indirect cost increases.
Contradiction. What is the difference? Why is it that you support tuition raises, but are against indirect costs such as expecting students to use their own computers? Most students already have computers, this is a good compromise.

Whether you are for or against tuition fee hikes, I believe everyone prefers transparency, bring honest about cost increases and not camouflaging it. As well, the basic rules of a public educational institution requires for basic infrastructures to be provided. Computing infrastructures is one of them. What's next, no heat?

And ofcourse, no to promoting piracy.
The provincial government has informed every single institution that receives public funding that this will be decreased.

And I am not sure what institutions you are talking about, but the computer labs at my university didn't just disappear this year.

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