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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Owners assume a financial risk for sure. There's little doubt about that.

Players though definitely assume a financial risk when becoming a player. No they don't foot the bill for expenses but you can't tell me that there's no risk in foregoing school to pursue their dream. Most of these guys never make it and it's damn near impossible just to become a 4th liner. Absolutely there's a financial risk there, it's just a different kind of risk that's all.

A big reason that players take that risk is because of the pay. It's because they want a career playing hockey and the fans aren't coming to watch Ted Leonsis go one on one with Geoff Molson. They are the talent and should be paid handsomely for what they bring in.

It's just a different kind of risk. Certainly it's a financial risk though. These guys are betting their future on it and most of the time it doesn't pay off. Those that do make it deserve to be rewarded for it because they're the guys the fans pay to see.

Bottom line: There's a big pie and there should be enough to go around. The way they're all fiddling over the details is a joke in my opinion.
Do they really? Nobody forces those kids to quite school. Look at guys like Leblanc that make it to Harvard, or Darche who has a degree from McGill. If those guys can get degrees, then why wouldn't others?
Maybe it's more demanding, but it's not like one has to choose one or the other, to the point where they are absolutely screwed if they don't make it.

Also, when does one call it quits? If you haven't made high level junior by 17-18, isn't it over for you? What have they mortgage by that age really?
For those that do make it, get drafted in the NHL, play minor pro, what's their cut off age? 24-25? What's preventing them from going to University and getting a degree?

How is a kid pursuing and quitting school any different than someone going to school (spending about as much, if not more, on tuition+material than a player on hockey related fees) but failing to reach success in wtv field they chose? Everybody goes through those choices. Same as owners. How many kids opt a career in business only to fail?
Bottom line is the owners took the same financial risks as the players did when they grew up and pursued their careers. Difference is, when they reach the top, NHL players do not take any financial risks, the owners do by paying the bill for everything related to the team. Only thing the players risk at the NHL level is health, but like I said, even if they get a career ending injury, they have guaranteed contracts to fall back on.

We agree on there being a big enough pie for everybody to be happy, and the way things have been handled (both sides) is ridiculous.

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