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12-11-2012, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by thom View Post
Write a letter to Minor Hockey Canada ask if there's records from membership lists from 1950-1980 and compare it too today.There is a crisis in youth hockey in canada.IN quebec mebership has dropped 35 percent from 1985.Do your homework.Football in Quebec has more members than hockey.Reasons are costs and single parents can't afford costs.I'v volunteered for years in hockey so I can tell you kids are not playing the game at the percentage it was once and the numbers are staggering.

That's the last 10 years right there. For Quebec to have dropped 35% since 1985 means that there would have had to have been a massive drop between 1985-2000, followed by this large growth pattern.

Now, I'm not really certain why it is that we should draw a line between the United States and Canada as it pertains to youth hockey. The cost of equipment and the cost of ice are something that everyone has to deal with, and yet is most likely a bigger issue for American kids. I'll give two reasons.

1) Cost of ice. Substantially fewer sheets of ice, and they also carry much higher costs to operate (basically running air conditioning nonstop, compared to being able to throttle back in colder climates). Fewer sheets of ice means more less competition, and less incentive to provide a price break. In addition, the distance traveled to actually get to a rink is much greater.

2) Equipment. In emerging markets, finding decently-priced equipment is much more difficult. Stand-alone gear shops aren't common, so if there's anything available, it's crammed into a back corner of a place like Sports Authority, where you can find a greater selection of batting gloves than hockey equipment. Same issue as above; less competition, higher prices.

I fail to see how energy and equipment costs have anything to do with Bettman's legacy.

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