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12-11-2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by buggs View Post
I think it was important to the owners last week because they could have achieved a 60 game season in the time remaining and this would have allowed them to retain the full 100% of sponsorship dollars (or maybe it was 75% and now dropping to 50%, I cannot recall but it was posted in one of the big lockout threads, maybe XXVI or XXIII or something). So they had money they could apply to the make whole at that time that won't exist with a 54 or 48 game season.

My guess is the PA looked at that sponsorship money and took a gamble to push back and ask for more. Unfortunately for them the league balked and now the higher sponsorship dollars are gone. Meaning the league won't offer a make whole of 300 million now but will put something there commensurate with the amount of sponsorship dollars they can still pull. So if they went from 100% to 75% I'd guess make whole, at best, would be 75% of the $300 million or $225 million. If they went from 75% to 50% on sponsorship dollars they'll be looking more likely at 66% of $300 million, so about $198 million.

It was a calculated gamble on the players part. How well calculated remains to be seen because maybe the owners give more. I'm really not sure with the ownership side because they've moved, in my opinion, a lot and frankly too many times. I can completely understand why the PA keeps pushing because the ownership group has moved a number of times and the line in the sand keeps shifting. To me that's not good negotiating strategy. From the original 43-57 offer, yes, movement was necessary. But stop offering them stuff at some point for Pete's sake.

I remain confused as to what the point is for the NHLPA as they've never really come out and said what is important to them (at least without changing it a couple of weeks later). I really do believe they made a significant error last week in pissing off the moderate owners. That you managed to disappoint the Leafs representation, essentially the Yankees of the NHL, boggles my mind to no end.
Good post. I am very curious as to what the leagues response would be if by some chance the PA tells the league that they will sign the deal tomorrow. Would they bring the deal back, or would they say no do to the lost sponserahip revenue that you alluded to above.

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