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12-11-2012, 10:30 AM
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I think if the two parties are at all interested in having a season it should be pretty easy to come to an agreement at this point. If the NHL's claim that they have three "must haves" is honest, I think they need to be a bit flexible within that and be ready to give the players back more than they offered last time around and that should pretty much do it.

I think if the league can justify contract term limits as an issue due to the limitations of insurance that's something the players have to look hard at accepting (in return for concessions elsewhere).

If they could arrive at seven year contract limits for all new SPCs (according to Friedman today, that is the maximum insurable amount) and say five years for players over 35, that would mean virtually every deal could be insured and that backdiving contracts could be cut down considerably. Grandfather in the "cap benefit recapture" proposal the players made and the disincentive to circumvent the cap ceiling should be strong enough to satisfy the owners IMO.

If they can come to an agreement there then I think it should be pretty easy to make it worth the players financial while to accept the other two must haves.. probably by coming closer on "make whole."

Honestly I just think that if the league was upfront with the PA in terms of what they want and why, and showed a willingness to make concessions in other areas to get it (rather than the repeated ultimatums and take-it-or-leave-its we've seen) it would probably buy enough goodwill to get something done considering how close the two sides are now.

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The NHL are fighting for the betterment of the league. Whichever way you look at it.

Hence, why I'm a huge proponent of the players "losing". As a fan, I have no reason, and honestly, could care less what the players get.
If you're a Canucks fan, the league "winning" is a huge problem for your team. Vancouver is a top five franchise in profits and the most valuable expansion era franchise in the league, anything that cuts down their ability to use their largesse to put a better product on the ice (like say, a $60m salary cap with little or no wiggle room to circumvent the ceiling) is a huge problem.

50-50 is more than fair. The players are acting like they gave the world by coming down those number. Such a farce.
I'm assuming you think "50-50 is more than fair" because you assume it means an even split, or that it is similar to other leagues. The big problem with that is that the NHL takes huge amounts of money out before they split the rest 50-50 with the players, something the NFL for example does not do. So it is neither a true split nor comparable with other leagues.

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