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12-11-2012, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post
So their main problem is that the 2nd game tends to be really good and the third game on the same level as the 2nd or just below.
None of those games except for maybe Jak X are atrocious though, they are all pretty good.
Yeah, like I said, missable.

It does conform to a theory I have that the best game in any series is always either the first or second. Either the first did everything right out the gate, or it merely showed a promise that the sequel was able to capitalize on. The great thing about the first sequel is the ability to amplify what worked and remove or change what didn't. Generally the third sequel (and on) suffers stagnation by virtue of the company 'figuring out' everything they had in mind the previous run through. I'd say that about most games with a 3 in the title lately.

I think the only major exceptions are when they completely fumble the 2nd instalment (Devil May Cry, I'm looking at you) and build the 3rd with knowledge of where they mistepped and it comes out awesome. If anything that's a bit of hope for Dragon Age 3.

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