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12-11-2012, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Dana White is a promoter, and a salesman, and if you don't realize that, it tells me you haven't been watching MMA for very long. What he was doing is called "sensationalism." He didn't just say that A. Silva was the greatest fighter in MMA history. That much the media says. That much I say. What he said is that the media doesn't know just how good he is. That they need to make a new list for Silva. That he's in a completely different dimension. Which is nothing but pure distilled hype.

I know it's a tired aphorism: but did you actually fall off a turnip truck?
So if you're such an expert why is it distilled hype?
Surely, it can happen that a fighter is so damn good that he's in a league of its own.
Like you could argue Gretzky was in a league of its own (or maybe with just Lemieux).
So, explain to me why Silva wouldn't be in a different dimension, and you better have better arguments than last time. Not everything is always hype.
If you can't see that in Silva's case, it actually is the real thing, then it is you that haven't been following MMA for very long.

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