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12-11-2012, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by ProPAIN View Post
Wow, getting killed by your own scorestreak is pretty brutal. I always try to stay out of the way when calling in "manual" killstreaks so I'm sure I'm not raining down hellstorm missiles on my head. But never got killed by my own stealth chopper or hunter killer. That's just ridiculous

Got the PDW, MSMC and MP7 gold so far. Working on the Chicom now. It's not easy. I actually unlocked Flak Jacket first. I run it on all my classes. I don't know how you can play an objective game like Hardpoint, Domination, etc and not run Flak Jacket. Not being killed by most lethals is a awesome. Don't use much of the AR since I'm trying to get diamond for my SMG. Should get to second prestige soon. Don't know what to unlock though. I'm thinking the Skorpion so I can get started on the challenges earlier.
Also working on the Chicom right now. I'd rather be Chinese Water Tortured than play another minute with the Chicom running no attachments or perks I've got about 20 kills to go there though, can't wait to be done and on to the Skorpion.

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