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12-11-2012, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy66 View Post

Oh peyton is far from having the best season. I honestly have to put a televised game on mute when watching Denver as the announcers are all over his junk the whole game...........EX: Decker with the spectacular one handed catch, he breaks one tackle, two tackles, three tackles, outsprints the final two defenders for a 50yrds and he is in the endzone!! Touchdown by Peyton Manning via Decker!!! WOW did you see what Peyton did there! Just amazing!!! Peyton is back to his oldself!!..................Peyton this and Peyton that and so on and so forth
I remember that actually, and you are right. I know the guy has talent and all but sometimes you also have to recognize what others can do. That was a cool play.

I have to say this about Peyton though: nobody, and I mean nobody, can read a defence better than him. Big Ben is up there too. The uncanny ability to recognize coverage in a hurry-up offence and call audibles when needed, thats a credit to him, his O-line, and the receivers/rushers as well. Thats what separates him.

Oh, and awesome to see Brady dismantle the Texans last night. Sorry Texan fans but he made their defence look silly!

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