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12-11-2012, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
That's weird, do you have a picture of the label on the stick that says P87 and the curve??

I have the catalog open and I can assure you of that fact previous. The only way I can see it being a P87 on an AI9 would be if it was a retailer's SMU, a manufacturer's sample, or a pro stock stick.

Well I compare the P87 more to a slightly shallower but more open Datsyuk with the curve starting more towards the heel with a slightly higher lie and square toe. The P87A is more of a Hall/P92 equivalent but slightly shallower and more towards the heel than mid compared to those 2.
Unfortunately, I do not as I left it in the rink's trash. That makes more sense. I picked it up from a buddy who is friends with a pro. It didn't have any pro stock markings so my guess is manufacturer's sample.

I appreciate your breakdown of those two curves. It looks like the P87a will be the closest thing I can get to replace it and will just adjust to the slight differences in the curves.

The bright side (stick wise, not results wise) is the stick broke at the end of our playoff game we lost, so now I will have a month or so to get comfortable again with another stick in my closet. Of course, none of felt quite as right as the AI9, but it'll be fun to go back to the drawing board and re-learn how to use the curves.

The Reebok Ai9 was uncut 85 flex and was about an inch or so longer than what I had been using.
  • TO P88 87 flex (probably the easiest to go back to as it was the most recent and simplest pattern, just with it were slightly more open)
  • TO P08 87 flex (what I am leaning towards as it was fun to stick handle and shoot with, and I will probably add an inch or so to get to the stock length of the Reebok)
  • One95 P91a (Feel and shooting is good, but lack of curve after the heel makes it harder to stick handle with which is what prompted me to try the P08)
  • Buy a replacement blade in the P87a and put it in my X60 shaft (already added and cut off a composite butt end that wouldn't come out so I can't add any length to it which steers me away from this option

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