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12-11-2012, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by gudas View Post
Really good read on why this doesn't look good for the Royals:
Puff piece is all that is. Its interesting that he took the time to erase all of those who flamed out and instead only pointed to those who actually made it. I mean, John Rauch was a BBA POTY also, so that atricle has to taken with a nice grain of salt.

Jim Callis wrote and interesting write up on the trade. The Royals needed to make this trade and got the better player. Myers, for all he has accomplished, struck out 140 times last year. This isnt as big a guarentee for the Rays as many here think it is. Nor is this trade something that was the main cog to put the already impressive Rays as the team to beat in the east when they already were before it.

If I had to predict the East as of right now, and this is whitout confirmation that the Yankees will resign Ichiro, I would put it as;

Red Sox

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