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12-11-2012, 12:31 PM
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It's not surprising to see locals and writers up in arms over their current lack of transactions, as they're not meaningless December games and count the same as the ones in March. And I do get that 7-8 concurrent injuries isn't the norm and that players and/or medical staff can mislead staff with optimistic timetables or even regress, but you're telling me that with all their scouting in Ontario, the Sabres couldn't find one or two forwards to sign to a try-out for the last game in Toronto just in case Crawford and/or Rankin couldn't go? I mean, they had no problem signing Grimshaw last year when the D desperately needed help, but hey, maybe that's only because a playoff berth was on the line at the time.

I do agree that it's doubtful that any addition would have made an impact in the last few games, especially with such little TOI, but who's to say some kid doesn't come in and show glimpses of potential, much like Roy did as a FA or even like Wise did in the summer camp? I mean it took Flynn 6-7 games before he settled in and hit his hot streak, but you'll never know until you take a chance on someone. They did find Rankin after all and he's an effective player at this level.

In sum, it's just frustrating to their fans to see so much inactivity with the injuries, out-of-position skaters and missed opportunities/points, that they'll continue to vent until someone's healthy or a transaction's made, a la #DoSomethingDarcy.

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