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12-11-2012, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeydoug View Post
The Parent company that owns both them and the arena management contract makes money. The franchise does not and the franchise cannot stand on its own as it exists now.
Well, if the current ownership ever wants to sell but keep everything else they have, then you might have a point. Doubt that someone would want to buy them and keep them in that market without all the ancillary revenue streams that they have access to.

But, as that isn't the case, the fact that the team probably doesn't have stable legs on its own doesn't matter. The current ownership isn't looking to sell or move. That's pretty much the only criteria there is for potential relocation.

The differences between the arena management company, the Panthers, and the parent company have to be distinguished.

Much of the success of the parent company has to do with their business operations that have almost nothing to do with the hockey franchise.
If that were the case though, then why would the parent company keep owning the team if it was just a massive money sink with no end in sight, knowing full well that they could've easily gotten a hundred million+ dollars from Winnipeg up until the Thrashers moved and from Quebec City now? Somehow doubt that the desire to just own a pro sports team is the only thing keeping them in the game here.

The differences are meaningless if the team's being used as a loss-leader for their arena management rights and regional real estate development plans.

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