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Originally Posted by CrazyJ View Post
I gotta agree with you. When a fan pays $100 for a ticket, and in anther city the fan pays $33, does the fan who pays three times as much not deserve a better product?

It's amazing how we are so anti-socialism with society, but pro with our sports leagues.

to think that the insurance cost difference on a 5 year and 8 year contracts are going to disturb the balance of parity in the league is ridiculous. That difference isn't going to make one team the Yankees and the other the Pirates.
Does he "deserve" a better product? No. If you don't feel that $100 is worth what you're paying, you're free to stop buying it. If you want to go to hockey games for $33, then move somewhere where that's an option, or watch games in a different league (AHL/CHL?). That's not an option? Then you're back at the option of buying or not buying the $100 tickets.

Look, personally I'm against free handouts. I resent my tax dollars being used for them. However the NHL is not public entity. The sad reality is that unless both sides find (and agree to) a system that allows 30 healthy teams without RS, that RS is unfortunately needed.

When the league introduced a salary cap (which I do support), they introduced a cap floor (which I like the idea of). However with that comes some responsibility to support those teams who they've now forced to spend beyond their means. Especially the big clubs who now have reduced spending and are making millions from the cap.

And don't go on about how some teams need to fold/move. While I agree that Phoenix is probably a lost cause, I think the rest still has potential (with proper management). That said, if 2 teams move to Canada, or the league expands here, I'll be quite happy.

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