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12-11-2012, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by KingSalamon View Post
Agreed... that way it counts to one of my years of STH requirements... when my years are up, I'm releasing my ticket. Likely to one of the guys who sit next to me at the games. lol
I kind of want it to not happen, so they don't get to raise the season ticket prices by 3% next year. Of course the cynic in me says whether they have the season or not they'll raise the price by the 3% anyway, completely offsetting the money left with TNSE anyway. If they care about the fans they'll not bump the price by the 3% but it is business, not charity so I see it happening.

Curious what happens to the multi-year commitments if there's no season this year? Does this year count against your 3-4-5 commitment or not? Again, do you take a strictly business approach and lock people in for year's of actual play, or is it the time frame that matters? I haven't looked at my contract to see how specifically that is laid out.

Really, as far as the season goes if they play I hope it's Conference only and it happens this year. I know we belong in the "West" but I really like seeing the teams out of the East. I did like the way the scheduling was heading with the realignment so we at least got home and home series' with the likes of the Habs/Rangers/Bruins etc. but I'm also ok with getting those guys twice more at MTS for this year if the season can be saved. I was fine with the realignment as proposed because I liked the notion of being in the same division as the Wings and Hawks too. I see that as the compensation for not getting the eastern teams quite as much.

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