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12-11-2012, 01:07 PM
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Before there was a PA and before savvy agents were the rule, the players got hoodwinked and taken advantage of by the team owners. In those days it wasn't uncommon for former NHL players to fade into obscurity *and* poverty.

I think the general issue is that a lot of players are vulnerable to being exploited in general, whether it's by team owners or by manipulative advisors and agents. Not all players have the level of education or interest in economic/business matters to be truly in the loop with regards to their contracts etc. This has obviously improved through the years, but today a lot of players still live in sort of a bubble and come to rely on others to "take care" of stuff from a young age.

I would still bet the majority of players are more than happy to have access to agents and contract lawyers rather than simply letting team bosses dictate their contracts.

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