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12-11-2012, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
If you didn't get your stadium before the economy collapsed in 2008, you're in a much tougher spot economically. Maybe the Ilitches know this and thus the focus on financing most of the cost privately, but it's possible to trim back the scale a little bit--- does it have to have everything? For anyone who has ever built a house, it's the same thought process. I guess you can use oak instead of Brazilian cherry; aluminum windows and not solid wood or steel; ceramic tile and no travertine, trim off some square footage too while you're at it. Americans are space hogs after all.....
That's an ambiguous question - in what way do you mean "have everything"? Your examples suggest that you mean that it doesn't need to be something shiny and spectacular, while the press releases have suggested that they're looking for a building that functions beyond a home for pro sports.

If you're asking if they need something shiny, my answer is "sort of". I work for the Canadian government, and all internal expenses have to be justifiable to taxpayers. As a result, my physical work environent (cubicles, office space, etc.) is dreary, sterile, and depressing, as extra expense to make an insipring workplace can't be juustified. If we do the same thing to a stadium, we end up with a bland monolith that people will only frequent if they have to. Surely there has to be a balance between value for money and having something that reflects well on the levels of government that contributed to it.

If you're asking if the extra expense to construct a building that's used beyond professional sports is worthwhile, my answer is a resounding yes. If they can get some added functionality out of the building, and the cost of adding it is proportionate to that functionality, they'd be silly not to. From what I've heard, JLA is a dead zone if there's not a hockey game or a concert on, and having that kind of space in the centre of the city that goes unused except for a few hours a week is poor urban planning.

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