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12-11-2012, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Fehr is telling the players that the stars will still get their 9-13m salary, and that will squeeze the rest of the players downwards.

They said the same thing in 04. That didn't prove to be the case then, and will not be the case now. Teams might be able to afford 1 star player at 10-12m, however having 2 will seriously impact their depth and ability to have a competitive team. Do you honestly see Pittsburgh giving Malkin a 5-8 yr deal with a 12m+ cap hit? Yes they can technically afford to, however that's going to seriously impact the club when it comes time to sign Letang and surrounding players.

The reality is everyone gets suppressed a bit. Malkin might make 10m annually (cap hit). Letang will take a tad less, as well everyone else. And as the cap goes up, so will their salaries - just like last time.
I think the article touches on what the benefit will be for Malkin though. If he wants his $12 million, he can shop himself in the open market and possibly get that. That could result in the escalation of players' salaries. If Malkin gets $12 mill in an open market, then that is going to drive up the asking price of other free agents. The open market creates competition, and teams will be competing to sign free agents.

A term limit may force teams to place a higher emphasis on player development with teams bringing in more homegrown talent than stockpiling free agents into bottom six roles. The rumors of the league expanding also creates more opportunities for players in terms of options, job placement, and new competitors who could help escalate the average players' salary.

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