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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
For the life of me, I can't fathom why a majority of players are unwilling to accept a term-limit on contracts when such a small minority of players even receive contract offers that or 5 or more years in length.

Here's the full list of players who are on 5+ year contracts in the NHL.

The list is mostly of star players, but there are quite a few free agent signings that received outlandishly long contracts in order for teams to circumvent the cap. This is one loophole that has to be closed in the next CBA, and the players should learn to accept it. The two other salary capped leagues have placed a limit on contract lengths, so it would be a natural progression for the NHL to adopt one.
The owners know that implementing a 5 year max contract for leaving a team and 7 years for staying with your team will do two things:

1. The optics of negotiations. "I can't give player X the MAX contract length. Sidney Crosby gets the max length. I can go as far as 3 years but your player will have to leave some money on the table". This gives GM's additional negotiating tools to whittle away dollars.

2. By allowing teams to sign their own players to 7 years. If a player values stability, he will leave money on the table to stay with his team for a longer term. FA frenzy will be a thing of the past. And contracts by default will be for lower dollars.

Owners are going to die on this hill.

I give them credit. First they said if you go to 50-50 we have a deal. When the PA finally did, they said they will 'die' on the hill of contract lengths. Very smart. Fehr didn't see this coming.

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