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12-11-2012, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by GrigsAndGirgs View Post
So...Vernon Davis has been a bust. I have Scott Chandler on my bench.

Should I pick up one of these options: Tony Scheffler, Joel Dreessen, or Dallas Clark?

EDIT: Clay Harbor is also available.
I'd go for either Dressen or Clark.

Dressen has less "big game" potential, but he'll steadily get you 3-5 catches on maybe 40-50yards. There are just too many weapons on the Broncos for Peyton to use for Dresson to be a real threat.

Clark has been a touchdown target for Freeman of late, but he's had a couple stinkers mixed in with only 1 or 2 catches. You better hope he gets a score.

I recently lost both Jared Cook, and now Brent Celek. Ended up gambling on Clark going into the playoffs.

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