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12-11-2012, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Dan-o16 View Post
That's pretty counterintuitive. The general rule for most European languages (including English) is that - all other things equal (no accents, etc.) - the 2nd to last syllable gets the emphasis. That, combining with how Barclay is pronounced by the Brits (whose company it is), it should be pronounced BARC-lee. If you've listened to Marketplace on NPR and heard people talking about the LIBOR rate-setting scandal, you'll know that this is, in fact, how it is pronounced on the other side of the pond.

Just shows you American intransigence, pronouncing it in such a way.

Also, my daughter goes to pre-school with a boy named Barclay. Seriously. Pronounced BARC-lee. Part of that whole last name first thingee.


Maybe the orders came down from the top? Even the big man says bar-CLAY. Listen to this interview in the spring Ratner did with Howie.

Just heard on news radio 88 that the Nets will play Knicks tonight at "bar-CLAY". BTW, the last game there between these 2 teams was a classic and I'm actually going out of my way to watch tonight's. Who'd a thunk?

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