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12-11-2012, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by chewerjones View Post
I dont know how good a fighter Pierog is, but I know that Braid, pound for pound is a good scrapper also. No question, Braid would have fought Pierog. They have fought before. If Pierog hasnt lost a fight in the OHL, then he must not be fighting much scrappers. I know that Nathan Cull, pound for pound is the best scrapper in the OHL, bar none.

Braid's crosscheck to Tanus on the goal was cheap, and wasnt seen by the ref. Sudbury did get away with one. How about the 2 hits to the head on Pancel in the third period. They went unnoticed. Refs are refs.

Sudbury played 3 games in 3 nights and one was a travel game. Petes played at home on thursday nt, and were somewhat rested.

We agree to disagree.
Fair enough. I didn't see the head checks on Pancel I have to admit.
The head check I was referring to was the one prior to Pierog and Braid ending up in the box not the one on Tanus which I also didn't notice. Tanus was down on the ice for a bit right after he scored the goal. I saw it again on my PVR and it was a cheap shot by Braid to Tanus' upper body not his head from what I saw and it happened right after Tanus scored.

If Braid plays like that normally I wonder if has served any suspensions?

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