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12-11-2012, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Cin View Post
Understand where you're coming from Lobo. If you've already dished out the money, then nothing can be done.

I find the lack of motivation for change in the league among fans absolutely amazing.

The message is to get them to end the bickering as soon as possible so that the sport we grew up loving returns to us faster.

You really think a national movement covered by major networks giving bad publicity to a league isn't going to even make a dent? Really?

It's amazing how many people aren't willing to at least try and make a difference, or feel like they just aren't really a big enough piece to do anything. That attitude will get you where you deserve. More lockouts, which is already happening.

Like lockouts? Like Paying your hard earned dollars on a product that you're not even confident will be there when promised? Pretty ****ing pathetic honestly. You say it's us who should throw in the towel to show that we really care about what's happening, all while you get steamrolled by a greedy league who doesn't value the input of the people who pay for it. Amazing. Absolutely amazing the amount of quit this league has.

What you guys fail to recognize is the passion in the fans who do want to make a difference. There's passion in this movement by people who grew up with this sport on their minds 24/7. You can sit back, get mad, not doing anything. It's obvious your passion for the sport isn't quite where you claim it to be. Or maybe you'd just prefer to get ****ed. Who knows.

Flame me, troll me, do whatever. I really don't mind getting told off by people with no passion. At least I've got a fire for the sport.
Do not believe that because someone disagrees with you that they don't have fire for the sport. I dont think that arguing with people, such as yourself, is really worth any effort. I also feel the same about this 'boycott'. I just feel that it is empty talk. I was never offended. just stating what I feel is obvious. agree to disagree. ludwig rules.

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