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12-11-2012, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by racerjoe View Post
IMO he is top 5, I can understand the lowered value with his age, not contract, but age. I don't expect a kings Ransom, just good value, and part of that is pieces that work for us.
Well I was strictly talking about his projections for the Leafs draft pick with Luongo in net.

I agree with the age thing but I don't agree about the contract. IMO his contract is a negative and I'm not alone in that belief (at least among fans on this board). But that has been beaten to death in this thread so I will say we probably agree to disagree on that point.

To me there are 3 things affecting his value: 1) Situation (Schneider, trade "request", etc.) 2) Contract length (not cap hit - cap hit is decent) and 3) Age.

Of these, I have age as the least impact. 33 is not old. The only reason it becomes an issue is because of contract length. You would likely see only a fraction of decreased value based on age if his contract was shorter.

In short, I don't think people like our friend Y2K who expect top 5 goalie in his prime value are realistic. I think Vancouver will get value, but not as much as they would like because of the above points.

My 2 cents. Feel free to ignore.

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