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Originally Posted by c4fn8d View Post
The owners know that implementing a 5 year max contract for leaving a team and 7 years for staying with your team will do two things:

1. The optics of negotiations. "I can't give player X the MAX contract length. Sidney Crosby gets the max length. I can go as far as 3 years but your player will have to leave some money on the table". This gives GM's additional negotiating tools to whittle away dollars.
How is this different for ~90% of the players today that don't get even get close to the "MAX" contract? In my view it doesn't change anything for the majority of the league, but now the star players may have the ability to have *more* movement because their contracts are up for renegotiation more often. It seems to me, that this is exciting for fans to see good players shift teams every so often. I'm not a big fan of this idea because my team (Oilers) finally has some stars, but I would have been a big fan of this system 5-6 years ago.

Originally Posted by c4fn8d View Post
2. By allowing teams to sign their own players to 7 years. If a player values stability, he will leave money on the table to stay with his team for a longer term. FA frenzy will be a thing of the past. And contracts by default will be for lower dollars.
I wouldn't say that contracts will be for "lower dollars". By implementing what the owners are looking for will produce contracts are are essentially "real" dollars; which over the course of this CBA many fans have been asking for. By limiting the term to 5 years as well will make it easier for the GM's to know what their cap will look like as they try to plan their teams over a multiple year time scale because the actual dollars will be similar to the actual spent dollars.

And, in the end, this should be better for the players as well (IMHO) because a simpler accounting system will give them a better judge of their actual value and what they can fight for when negotiating contracts. An issue players are facing is when the value of a contract (the caphit) is grossly disproportionate to the actual value, this is a bad thing! By limiting contracts to 5/7 years players are protected if they got a raw deal and are under-paid, and owners are protected because an end is in sight if you over-paid.

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