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12-11-2012, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Laughable. First of all, that's Jeremy Roenick. Not the brightest bulb, especially when we are talking business of hockey. You really trust that everyone working IN CANADA have no ulterior motive and are just looking out for the game? Or maybe the HC guys always like to talk Florida relocation since it panders to their HOCKEY IS OUR GAME demographic? You really think the media is above this type of manipulation. They have an audience to please, and attacking the evil south is a very easy way to do it, particularly with little understanding of the financials of the game of hockey or franchises in the south, which happens constantly here in Canada.

So some economist says the gap between poor and rich teams is big. Ok. So contract the lowest earners (which since your such a fan of flawed media numbers, Florida isn't even among the bottom 4!). It just changes where the line is. Now since the average revenue has been increased by so much, instead of NYI, PHO, CAR, CBS being the lowest earners and struggling, now it's FLA, TBL, NSH, STL. Oh no! More dirty southern teams. Let's just contract them. Driving the average revenue even higher, meaning now that COL, ANA, BUF, MIN are the teams at the bottom of the revenue pie and the ones struggling. And guess what, precious Canadian teams like EDM, WPG, OTT, WSH are BARELY higher than those teams, and any given year can be at the bottom and losing money. Moving the bottom teams accomplishes nothing.

Some people just cannot STAND the fact that Florida has set themselves up with a solid business model, a developing fanbase and as an overall strong business. It scares people that hockey can work in the south, since they know that will eventually Canada will no longer be the center of the hockey world. Deal with it.
You know what is laughable? That you extrapolated the "our game" stuff from a comment that was intended as a simple throwaway suggestion of one of the myriad of outlets that suggest Florida to be a relocation target. Frankly, there is little to differentiate the operating income results of the teams that finished 25-29 in that category. They could all go for all I care, via relocation, contraction, no difference. So I'm just as in favor of saying sayonara to Columbus and NYI as to any other franchise - including Florida, but thanks regardless for presuming to know what I "trust" and "think". Nice rant.

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