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12-11-2012, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
ERMAGERD guys, he beat Ferrerst Grirrfirn! You still ducked the fact that the competition he was beating the **** out of wasn't always the best. Something now that people gleefully point out about Fedor's rain of terror.

Watch him fight Jones and we'll see just how other worldly he is. If he's other-worldly, IMO, it's compared to a world that wasn't that great to begin with.
Ducked? People ALWAYS say that the competition isn't always the best.
NEWSFLASH: When you destroy every one in your division and have the most title defenses with 16 fights all together, you're bound to get weaker opponents.
Also, I don't understand how you'd say this after you quoted yourself saying he's the best MMA fighter in history.
So he's the best fighter in history, but your point is that he's overrated? Great.

Let him fight Jones. I'll be more than happy about it.

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
There's a tremendous difference between dominating hockey and dominating MMA, especially given the established state of the league when Gretzky did it, and the state of the MW division when Silva's reign began and now.

You would be better served to compare Silva to Howie Morenz.

You do realize that Rory probably represents the first athlete in the UFC who grew up training nothing but MMA, right?
Just because you think the division was weak doesn't mean that he isn't THAT good. You can choose to not give him that credit, but doesn't actually mean he's worse than what some people say.
You just want more proof basically.
Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
1.) There may be wrestlers with greater accolades, but we saw how accolades in amateur wrestling stack up to GSP when GSP fought Koscheck, Fitch, and Hughes. There is no one who more effectively implements a GNP game in the UFC than GSP.

2.) Based on the fact that these people were able to win rounds off Silva. They all made mistakes. GSP is capable of a perfect fight. What GSP needs to do is not get caught standing. Anderson simply will not submit GSP off his back. I see you've moved off your point that Anderson is better than GSP on the ground. "Oh ****, this guy actually knows grappling. I had to google Braulio..."
1) I don't think any of the guys you mentioned are better wrestlers than Sonnen or Hendo, and most importantly, they're not bigger than them or A.Silva.

2) According to GSP's own words he doesn't consider himself strong on the ground game, but I guess you know more than GSP about GSP. GSP was able to fight a perfect fight versus weaker wrestlers. He was also incapable of fighting a perfect fight versus Stand up artists. The point isn't that GSP can't fight a perfect fight, point is he has no choice but to do that if he wants to win.

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
That makes absolutely no sense.
Sure, it did, but can't say I'm surprised it zoomed over your head.

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
You'd never say as much, but we're not playing that game of "if I didn't say specifically those words, that's not what I meant."

You say that there's no game-plan to beat him. That's he's in another dimension compared to all other MMA fighters. I mean, unless you're a moron, which I haven't categorically ruled out, you have to realize that what you're saying is that the only way he loses is by the stochastic nature of the fight game.

It's silly.
Actually, I never said there was no game plan to beat A.Silva, maybe if you weren't busy trying to come up with lame insults you'd realize that.
I said GSP needs to do his usual quick jab, circle circle, leg shot, circle circle, shoot. Keep him down and lay mainly harmless but annoying punches without exposing himself to submissions. He needs to do that for 5 rounds.
I simply don't think he'll be able to do so. I think Silva is just too talented to let anybody impose their will without exposing themselves to any danger for 5 rounds.
Add that to the fact GSP would be fighting a much bigger opponent than he's used to. Because of all this, I have very little faith GSP would win. This has been my opinion since the start, it's been that since they entertained the idea of a match up actually.

And no, saying he's invincible is very precise. I don't think he's gonna lose to anybody in his division, if you think it was thin when he came in, you got Bisping at #2 right now so I can only imagine your thoughts. I don't think he'd lose versus GSP because, again, GSP needs to fight the perfect fight and I simply don't think he can do it versus Silva. Could he lose versus Jones though? Absolutely.

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