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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
No, they aren't big reaches at all. Staal has a Smythe worthy run, a Cup, a 100 point season where he was among the NHL's elite and a slew of 70-80 point seasons. Spezza as well could have padded his numbers better also. Zetterberg I have a feeling is a HHOFer regardless because he has some gas left in the tank and has probably been the best postseason player post lockout. Nash? No, either way. Heatley is a tough one too. I get the feeling that by the end of his career even if he is close his off-ice stuff will keep him out. There would be a lot of people that would hate him in there.

That's the thing about this lockout, everyone is being robbed of a better career and the players are their own worst enemy in this battle (along with the owners).
Prettymuch agree with this. I think Staal, Spezza, and Hank all have very good shots long term even with this lockout. Spezza's 29 and is a career PPG+ player, hard to imagine that he won't keep up enough production to finish with some rather nice career totals. Good post-season runs to date are going to help as well. Same story with Staal at 28, and while he's not PPG+ like Spezza (though aside from his rookie year he's right around there) he actually has a stronger post-season reputation due to two very outstanding playoff runs so far in his career. Likewise he should have no problem putting up some dang solid career totals. That said his teams need to start making the playoffs on a more regular basis to help him keep that reputation. Hank's older but he's regarded as a better two-way player, likewise has some solid playoff runs, and has a cup to his credit. As long as the wheels don't completely fall off the next 3-4 seasons that the league's back he should have a dang good shot. He also has an Olympic Gold to his credit like Staal, right?

Heatley probably gets hurt the most by the lockouts, but as Phil said I think his off-ice problems hurt him even more. Between the wreck in Atlanta, and the way he was in the trade out of Ottawa he's burnt some serious bridges as far as his reputation goes.

Nash. Sorry but not happening. He may have had crap to work with for the most part in Columbus, but he doesn't have any kind of post-season history to date and has never really been regarded as a dominant player. New York would basically have to turn into a dynasty with him there, with him playing a big role in at least 2 or 3 playoff runs, for him to have a legit shot.

Originally Posted by BigFatCat999 View Post
I just wonder how it affects coaches. If you look at the current coaches in the top 20 there is a LOT of coaches on that list who would begin to claim top 10 status. Barry Trotz would have another 164 games coached if it wasn't for lockouts. Coaches who have been coaching before 1995 would have another 200.
Trotz has as good a shot as anyone for getting in as a builder that we've seen in a long LONG time. Trotz and Poile will both likely get in if the Preds win a Cup under their watch even if it's only one.

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