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Originally Posted by IanMoranFanclub View Post
Pardon me for cherry-picking one statement from a lengthy paragraph, but how do you justify this viewpoint? The owners have screwed up repeatedly throughout this process, but I thought it was pretty clear to everyone following this mess that Fehr is the reason it took so long for the negotiations to start.
The Owners hold the reigns. If they had publicly come out in March or whenever and said during a special CBA press event, "we're ready to start negotiating immediately to avoid any potential for work stoppages. The NHLPA no doubt has its agenda lined up, and we're ready to listen. We look forward to hearing from Mr. Fehr and the NHLPA very soon", it would've started in March. Fehr arrived 2010 and knew the game inside and out by that time, and if given a public invite, would not have ignored it. While Fehr was only too happy to wait (because he knew they were getting locked out too), it's incumbent upon the league leadership to get the ball rolling. Action starts from the top in any big organization.

Originally Posted by IanMoranFanclub View Post
Sure about that? The players are just as guilty of "brinkmanship and games" as the owners are,
I think you misunderstand me. I am saying both sides are doing it, and last week it was the players whose games cost us a CBA and likely the season, when they have a very solid offer sitting in front of them. Very solid. Pretty much everything they could want in terms of major points. You don't balk at that stage to weasel your way into better terms for pensions, let's put it that way. Not if you're taking the process seriously and fans seriously. More than anything I take the PA move last week as a real "FU" to fans because it was completely avoidable and done over very small reasons.

Originally Posted by IanMoranFanclub View Post
In fairness, the owners didn't take the high road either.
In so far as letting Fehr get the better of them and changing their attitude, yes. That's true.

The bigger point of Jiggy's that I agree with is that there is no real leadership from Bettman. He's just another lawyer, basically. He's not looking at this from "hey if I get a handful of owners who are asking for something the others are not willing to die over, and it's going to drag this out another month, I have to think about ways to convince them it's not a good idea. I have to find a way to get this done." That's not his attitude. His attitude is "whatever the big market owners tell me, I will do, regardless of whether it will be helpful or divisive."

Yes the owners pay him but a good leader will call suspect ideas into question, whether they come from the people who write his paycheck or not. I truly believe Bettman will never question the big market bullies like Jacobs, Snider, et al. If they're united on something, Bettman will doggedly pursue that idea.

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