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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
When you study the history of NHL labor relations, it's insane how ****ed things have gotten. I finally saw the total amount of games missed due to labor strife since '93 and wanted to puke - 2200 games. I can't even wrap my head around that.

It's frustrating to hear people say what happened it the 50s and 60s is "ancient history", because it is all tied into where we are at now.

The owners were liars and cheats... The players finally had enough and formed the NHLPA with Eagleson as the ED. Eagleson was a total ******* and if anyone wants to read a fascinating, but disturbing book about what Eagleson pulled, check out "Game Misconduct" by Russ Conway.

Conway exposed Eagleson for collusion with the owners (to keep wages down), how he embezzled player pension funds, spent lavishly on the PA's dime, and was way too cozy with the owners and Ziegler.

The NHLPA brought in BG to replace Eagleson and he called a strike to show the owners he meant business. The owners caved and Bettman was brought in. They had the lockout in '95 and the owners caved again, which is why Bettman had the rules changed to give him the 3/4 rule. Under BG, player salaries escalated and players were strongly discouraged from taking anything but market value. Which is why Lemieux had problems with BG and the NHLPA when he came out of retirement and wanted to pay himself 5m.

The owners wanted BG out and did everything they could to get his union to turn on him, which they accomplished in '05. BG felt betrayed by the players and resigned.

The PA hired Kelly after outing Saskin (was alleged he was reading confidential player emails), but Lindros, Ference, etc felt he was getting too cozy with the owners, much like Eagleson did. I thought Kelly was being smart, but it is what it is. The PA didn't want another ED getting in the back pocket of the owners, so they brought in Fehr to battle Bettman. They basically stabbed Kelly in the back and had him voted out. The history of Eagleson had a lot to do with this decision, but they should never have pulled the **** they did.

This whole timeline is all connected and brought us to this ridiculous lockout. There is a long history of resentment from both sides and because of this, they have made a mockery of the league. They have to find a way to make peace, for the good of the game. There is no other way.
Good history lesson there, Jiggy. Thanks for sharing some of those details for those of us not aware of the old politics.

I tend to agree that the stain of certain events can leave an impression on an organization for a long time afterward. People aren't dumb (well, sometimes they are); they try to learn from history when setting an agenda for their organization. It would make sense given the problems with their PA directors that the players looked back over decades and decided they needed someone with no connection to the owners or sport to come in and play smash-mouth CBA.

Right about now though some of the more sensible players have to be wondering if they did a really stupid thing last week "waiting for more" and walking away. One thing that seems really petty in this series of talks is anytime someone from one side says "**** this I'm leaving", everyone gets up and leaves. Why doesn't anyone act like a freakin adult and say, "Hey he may be leaving but there are still 5 of you and 14 of us... **** it... let's keep going! What do we have to gain by stopping again this late in teh game?"

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