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12-11-2012, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Oh I definitely don't disagree with people wanting to buy low, or fans hoping that their team will get him dirt cheap. I would be the same way.

Looking at reality though:

1) The Canucks have no immediate need for cap space. We are cap compliant right now, and as long as this doesn't change there is no immediate need to dump Luongo.

2) The Canucks have other players they can move if they find themselves a few million over the cap once a CBA is agreed on, before they are in a position where moving Luongo to free up cap space becomes a necessity.

3) Gillis's asking price is obviously high. Ignoring what's been reported by the media as I don't really think any of them know the full picture anyways, if Luongo was going to be dealt for cheap he would have been dealt already. Gillis is the type of patient GM who will hold out for the deal that he is happy with. We saw it with his pursuit of David Booth, we saw it with how he handled the Cody Hodgson situation, and we are seeing it with Luongo. That's not to say Canuck fans will be happy with the return, because quite frankly many of us weren't happy with the return for Hodgson. But Gillis will get the player he is targeting, whomever that may be.

4) The Canucks are not a bad team. We are not a losing team, and do not appear in any danger of missing the playoffs once a season happens. When a team wins, there's less urgency to make big trades like this. If this changes I could see Gillis pressing harder and maybe giving in a bit on some of his demands, but as of right now the pressure is relatively low.
Oh I agree the Canucks aren't desperate to move him for the reasons you mentioned, but it does make more sense to move from a position of redundancy (well, partial redundancy...not actual redundancy) instead of weakening the lineup in other places. Vancouver is still a good team, but one can argue the stronger the better. This is where you will see teams hoping for a low price from Gillis IMO.

Gillis is a patient man but the best option may be to move Luongo. Or of them anyway. I'm not just saying that from a selfish perspective - best move may be to move him to another team.

I will say while it is possible to run both goalies and certainly doesn't hurt the Nucks in net, it does seem a shame to not give either goalie full reign.

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