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Originally Posted by CerebralGenesis View Post
What is your Avy?

and I'm impressed with the pros and their ability to say these incredibly vague and useless statements. I need to acquire this trait.
Cover of Pink Floyds Meddle album. Side B one of those endless Space Cadet ProgRock pieces, 23+ minutes in length, no doubt conceived of & written in the Timothy E. Leary Laboraties at Stanford while floating in an Isolation Tank; Side A with such lyrical delights as "one of these days Im going to cut you into little pieces" in full on balsetto run through echo chambers & phase shifters. Beware of entry type dealeo, pre Dark Side of the Moon, and if I had to hazard a guess, William L. "Bill" Daly the III'rd (no less; and who knew Amurica had Royalty?) likely a fan. Takes a special kind of sardonic warp of the central cortex to come up with the kinds of lines he & Gary Bettman employ on a pretty much regular basis. Yes, most amusing.

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