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12-11-2012, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by KH1 View Post
I feel like people forget that they laid out $37 million this offseason to bring back Pettitte, Kuroda, and Rivera.

But hey, they got outbid for Nate Schierholz, so obviously the world is ending
I don't really care about Schierholtz - he'd have been an OK pickup, but life goes on. I'm annoyed that they can't dole out a multiyear deal to a guy like Martin, leaving them with a pathetic catching triumvirate. I can't stand this "one-year deal or bust" crap, and I can't stand seeing the Dodgers spend at will while the Yankee empire scales itself back because of the Steinbrenner kids - the same people responsible for saddling the Yankees with A-Rod's crippling contract. The franchise's new $189 million payroll limit wouldn't be so bad if it a.) didn't already have so much money tied up in aging players and b.) actually had star-caliber minor league talent set to contribute. Alas, the Yankees' best prospects are nowhere near ready and now, because of all their bloated contracts, they're left to ask themselves if they should even re-sign their best player, Cano, in the next year. Speaking of the next year, the Yankees look poised to enter the 2013 season having willfully downgraded at catcher, right field, on the bench and in the bullpen. That's unacceptable.

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